Why I enjoy cloth diapering


Yes, you read that correctly.

I know. I know. What? You enjoy diapers? What kind of person in their right mind enjoys diapers?

Well, I think the biggest reason I enjoy them as much as I do is because of our choice to use cloth diapers versus the disposable kind, and yes, I really do enjoy them.  I am sure the few cloth diapering moms will understand, but I think anyone who has not tried out cloth diapering and maybe a few who have will not.

I was the first one in our household to suggest cloth as an option for us when we started discussing when we would try for another child.  To tell you the truth I had always wanted to cloth diaper my children but before this point I had been a bit worried bringing it up to anyone. Oddly there seems to be a stigma around cloth diapering. Some people seem to think it is unhealthy, or you only cloth diaper is you are extremely poor. Let me tell you. That is not the case.

Well back to the beginning. Before bringing up cloth diapering to my extremely OCD/germaphobe husband I made sure to do as much research as I could manage to show him the perks of wrapping our new bundle of joy in a bundle of cloth.  He was surprisingly easy to convert to the idea once I showed him all my research, but he said he would just do disposable when he changed him.  I was okay with this as I was planning on being with our child the majority of the time.

Once I had my husband on board I did more research on how to get good deals on diapers and diaper accessories. I also love sewing so I inevitably researched how to make our own diapers for even less money.  I was all about cloth diapers for our baby we hadn’t even conceived yet.

I waited, however, to tell others about our decision to cloth diaper until we finally conceived and announced our pregnancy to everyone. As I guessed most did not take our want to use cloth seriously.  My Grandmother loved the idea as she clothed some of her children when they were young.

My mother seemed on board although she liked to joke with my husband that it wouldn’t last long and being a first time mother (to a newborn that is) that I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Many people it seemed, shared that same sentiment about my choice to cloth. The only thing is their words got under my skin and made me even more insistent that I would cloth diaper  and I would do it well.  I was going to prove them wrong.

I tried to get my mother to add in our baby shower invitations (that I wasn’t supposed to know about but I knew was coming) that we were cloth diapering and would not need any disposable wipes or diapers. I also had found an amazing site online that you can add pretty much anything from anywhere online to your registry in one place. This includes any existing registries you have at specific stores.  However, the majority of people bought clothes, and toys, but two people brought anything cloth related. I still appreciated the gifts that were not cloth diapering related they were all given with love, and that is what mattered. I did return a few things that we would never have used and then used that money to purchase diapers.

Now, something I was a little more unsure about was cloth diapering a newborn.  I new I wanted to but was unsure whether it would be worth it to buy specifically newborn diapers or just go with the one-size diapers and hope the baby was big enough to fit them.

In the end I decided to buy one-size diapers  as in our ultrasounds it showed our baby was rather large, and I figured I could work around him not fitting into one-size right away and either use the hospital newborn disposables until he did or just deal with leaks in the one-size until he fit the one-size.

Then luck struck one day at a consignment sale I was at when I found two gallon bags full of newborn, or extra-small, G-diapers.  Their were 20 in all and that should have been enough for a newborn as the outer  of the diaper was reusable. The only downside was that they did not come with the absorbent inserts. That meant I could either by second hand diapers for a little money and then buy inserts which would end up more than I paid for the diapers or I could be crafty and just whip up some inserts on my sewing machine.

Then after I had made a very large, probably too large thinking back on it now (I was very excited about cloth diapering) stash of inserts for those itty bitty newborn diapers I also found some great deals on one-size diapers. I could not make up my mind on what style diaper to try so I bought a few of each style. I am so glad I did this, as some I am not a huge fan off but others I loved and bought more of.

I bought a nice large hamper with holes for airflow at Walmart instead of the expensive diaper pails they sell specifically for cloth diapers, and bought two pail liners, which are essentially reusable water-resistant trash bags to put in the hamper-turned diaper pail. My Grandmother was very interested to hear you don’t have to keep a wet-pail (bucket filled with water and disinfectant) to store the diapers in with this new style diapers.

I was hitting up many of the fabric stores to collect fabric to make our son blankets, and things, and grabbed up a few pieces of remnant flannel fabric to cut up and hem into cloth wipes.  I was ready. ..

And then, our son was born, via c-section instead of all-natural, due to issues. I was just happy that we were both okay in the end. However, the initial estimation was rather close with his size. He was born at 9lbs 5oz, and was barrel chested/waisted. So, all the work that went into those itty-bitty g-diapers was for nothing. They still sit un-used in the top drawer of his dresser for now.  I did remove one the other morning for his baby doll who now gets changed when my son does.

Due to the issues and the c-section, and my son being heavy my husband did most of the diaper changes in the beginning.  We started out using cloth in the hospital. The first diaper he wore was cloth, but the nurses and my husband struggled so much with it we just decided to use up the disposables in the hospital and use the diapers people bought us right after he was born until he better fit into the cloth and I could better maneuver changing him.

As soon as I could I put him in cloth and never looked back. Even my husband has changed him, in cloth, multiple times and loves it. We have now been cloth diapering  for more than a year now. The rashes my son got in disposables disappeared when we switched to cloth. It turns out he has very sensitive skin and it was great I was prepared to cloth because disposables gave him a rash. I love that I didn’t and don’t have to leave the house in a hurry to go buy more diapers. I just throw our diapers in the wash every few days and dry them and can put them back on M.

Another great thing about them is that they are adorable. You can get them customized. I have yet to but I have seen some adorable customized diapers.  I love hanging the diapers out on the clothesline to dry when the weather permits. However, it turns out the man who installed the clothesline before we acquired this house did not do it correctly and the one end fell over while Little A was hanging his clothes on the line one day. Hopefully this spring or summer we can get a new one put in or if I am lucky I can give it a try myself.  Maybe if I am successful I can make a tutorial on how I went about it on here.

Well, I am sure I have gone on long enough about how our cloth diapering journey started. I am sure there will be more to come about the wonders of cloth diapering so stay tuned, and if you are thinking about cloth diapering your next little one feel free to ask any questions you need to. I am happy to help.

I hope you all are well,  and thank you for reading,

The Momnipresent Mother


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