Baby Bare Necessities

Hello Everyone. I hope you are well as you are reading this.

I have been wondering what to write about the past few days. We have all been ill with the flu so I had a lot of time to think. As usually I got sidetracked and instead I made a list of things that I needed to get done around the house once we were all well again.  It was quite a long list of things and it will likely last me awhile, but the first item I decided I should start with was to go through all of M’s baby things we no longer use or wouldn’t want to use if we have another child (although my husband says there is no if , and that two kids are enough). As I was going through all the items in my mind I realized this might be a good topic for a blog post. So here we are.

Now this isn’t necessarily all you, as a parent, will need, or want, but this is a list of the bare minimum we needed to use from birth to the present now that our son, M is 17 months old. You can use this list as a base or just for possible ideas of things you may need.  Personally, when I was pregnant I was very adamant that I didn’t want an entire baby supply store in our house. I just wanted the basic items, the least we could get by with. If you are like me this may help you decide if you want the things on my list or if you do not.

Our minimal baby items list

1. Diapers

2. Feeding supplies

3. Clothes

4. Blankets

5. Pack and Play

6. Place to sleep

7. Play pen

8. Bouncer seat

9. Car-seat

10. Personal Care items

Now that is just a short list, but I guess that is the point isn’t it. Heheh. If you have anything that was a huge necessity for you when you had a baby please let us know in the comments.


Thank you,

The Momnipresent Mother

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