Non-candy basket stuffers for Easter

Non-Candy Basket Stuffers for Easter


Maybe it is only me but I hate the idea of all the candy given to my kids on holidays. We always ask people specifically not to give our kids candy or sweets but sometimes it seems so unavoidable. Then you get to be the big ol’ meany that only allows them to eat a small amount at a time of what they get anyway.  We especially try to monitor our oldest who has a sensitivity to processed sugar and many sugar substitutes.  He actually ends up physically ill and has horrible stomach pain if he has too much of either.  One good thing from this is he can read a nutritional label and ingredients list very well now..

Anyway, many events surrounding many holidays seem to include people handing out candy and sweets will-nilly. So if you want to attend these events the candy is often unavoidable. However, one place you definitely can avoid them is in your own child’s  Easter basket they receive from you or the Easter Bunny. We try to avoid any candy in our children’s basket especially since they will inevitably receive some at one of the other family member’s festivities for the holiday.

This is a list of some ideas for alternative Easter basket stuffers.




1. Puzzles

2. Books

3. Games

4. Clothes

5. Stuffed Animals

6. Non-sugary snacks

7. No sugar added juice pouches or boxes

8. Special tickets to events

9. Necessities/toiletries

10. Entertainment

11. Art supplies

12. Craft supplies

13. Action figures/dolls

14. Outside toys

15. Fruit

16. Family made coupons

Those are just a few examples of thing you can add to your child’s basket that they are bound to love. Obviously every child’s taste is different so your child may like other things that aren’t on this list.

Is there anything you traditionally put in your child’s basket, or any new ideas you are trying this year? If so leave a comment with yours.


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