How to Prepare Your Own Home School Curriculum

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I apologize for not posting in awhile. Our youngest, M,  has been sick, yet again. He had another rather high fever and twitches. We still aren’t sure what is causing it but what is great is he seems to be feeling well again today.

Let me tell you how  I prepared to create our own home school curriculum for our oldest son, A. This year was our first year of home schooling so I am no expert, and have changed my way of doing our curriculum a few times so far this year. I am hoping this will help another new homeschooling parent gain some footing and get their year started out well.

My first suggestion is to start by finding a list of the required subject areas for your child/children for the year of school they would be starting. Use this to make an itemized list of the specific goals you would like to set for your child for that year. These are adjustable so if you find your child is learning faster or slower than you expected you can always adjust the goals to fit their needs.

This is our current World history curriculum we are doing. Both my boys love it. It is great for all ages.


Now, from here you can jump in and find material you like for the specifics in each subject you would like your child/children to learn and print it all off or buy it all at once. Then you can have it organized in binders or folders for what you want to do each day. This was my plan in the beginning but then I thought,

What if my son does learn something faster than I expected, or what if he gets stuck on a certain material and needs extra time?

So I ended up not going this route, and collected all my ideas for the curriculum but waited until I knew for sure I would need something before purchasing it or printing it off from the computer.

I absolutely love this website for finding worksheets, lesson plans, activities, ect for our school days. You can just search for a certain topic, or pick from categories along the side to narrow everything down. Now, you do need a membership, and you can do a free subscription and get a handful of worksheets a month. I used to use the free subscription when my son was still in public school for extra homework to help him understand his subjects better. Now that I am fully schooling him myself I bought a paid subscription for unlimited downloads and access to the lesson plans. It is definitely worth it. Another great thing about it is you can save worksheets for later if you don’t want to print them right away. This makes it easier to just print out what you need as you need it instead of all at once.

Once you know what you want to teach them another good resource is Pinterest. You can collect ideas for activities and ways of teaching. I use this often and have a board for each subject. Such as , “4th grade PA History”, or ” 4th grade English”.

I like to keep track of what we have to do each day as well as what days we did what and what number day into the school year we are on. The way I do this is by making a check list for my son for everyday with what he can do independently and what he should wait for me to do like new material, tests, flashcards, ect. I also have him write the date at the top of the page along with what school day from 1-180 it is. Right now we are on the 135st day of 4th grade. I keep these all in a binder together and he checks off the things he has done as he does them. This helps him stay on task and helps me keep everything in one place.

Speaking of the days of school you also want to make sure you know how many hours of schooling, or home many days you need to do in order to finish an entire year of schooling. From there you can tentatively schedule what days you will teach and what days you will have a break from it. Then you can figure out how to parcel out your lesson plans throughout the school year.

By the end of the year you should have a somewhat organized idea of what you had as goals, what your child/children did throughout the year, and if you met the goals you set.


I hope you found this helpful.

Thank you,

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