How I Found Out I Was Pregnant

Good evening everyone. I hope you and your family are well.

Speaking of family, I am sure most of the mother’s reading this remember the moment they found out for sure that they were pregnant.  I figured telling my story about how I found out I was pregnant for the first time (our second child but the first I gave birth to) would be appropriate for Mother’s Day.

Well, I will start out saying that I was always really worried that I would not be able to conceive, or that I would but then something would happen. I have pretty bad anxiety attacks, and have had them since I was very young so I tend to worry about most things, and this was no different.

My husband and I had just opened our own business, and had been discussing trying for another child. I have always wanted to have a few children so I was all for it. My husband wanted to wait to make sure our business was set to go before we tried.

Well once we got all the kinks worked out with the business and hired some great employees we began to actively try to conceive. We were both excited but anxious. I have uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts so I was of course worried this would cause some issues conceiving.

Because of these issues my cycles were all over the place normally so trying to figure out when I was actually ovulating was a fun game, and by fun I mean extremely frustrating.  While we were trying I was taking test after test to see if I was indeed pregnant. Soon after we began I started just feeling off, and we both thought it was because I was indeed pregnant, but every test I took was a big fat negative.

We bought the fancy expensive pregnancy tests and the cheap dollar store ones, just hoping one would give us a positive. Still nothing.

We kept trying and I kept feeling worse. As all the tests kept giving us negative results I just started attributing it to my anxiety that we just weren’t going to be able to have a child together.

Then one day I after even more negative tests piling up (not literally of course that would be rather unsanitary) I started getting terrible pain in my lower abdomen.  This of course made me terrified of ectopic pregnancy.

The pain continued and then suddenly I couldn’t use the restroom despite having that horrible feeling like I really needed to urinate. Then the pain increased and and all of a sudden I got go but it felt like someone took a knife to me and I was bleeding everywhere.

Now this had me even more terrified something was wrong so I got my Grandmother to take me to the doctor’s office. I was lucky they had an opening soon after I called.

Once I got there and talked to the doctor they decided I had kidney stones and was actively passing some rather large ones. Thus the pain and blood. So on top of feeling terrible to begin with now I had Kidney stones and was going to have to take antibiotics which always kill mys stomach.

They wanted to do an MRI to make sure I didn’t need them to break them up. Now, if you are a woman I am sure you have heard almost anytime you go to the doctor and have to have some sort of testing done, “is there any chance you are pregnant?” Well normally I would say now but this time I was planning on telling them we had been trying so there was a possibility. The funny thing was, this time they didn’t ask me at all.

So I brought it up to them on my way out, and my family doctor asked if I had tested recently. I told her I had this morning but it said negative but I had been feeling off. So she decided to test me while I was there. Meanwhile I had to sit in the waiting area while she waited for the results.

Then she came out to me, which she normally doesn’t do, and sat down next to me and said, ” Well, you are pregnant.” anyone who knows me knows I don’t get overly excited about anything on the outside.  Inside however I was doing cartwheels. I had known it but the tests had me second guessing my own instincts.

She then cancelled my MRI and changed the antibiotics I was given.

Now the fun part is I had to try and keep this information to myself when I really wanted to tell everyone. I waited until I got home and my Grandmother headed home to call my husband. I told him all about the doctor’s appointment but left out the pregnancy bit.

Well he must have felt I was keeping something to myself because he asked me if I had asked her to test me to make sure I wasn’t pregnant. I said yes, they did test me. He said, “So?” I told him it was positive and he got so excited.

We decided then to try and figure out a way to tell my mother and Grandmother, and decided to let her read my medical results from that visit telling her it was easier than explaining  what she said about what was causing all these issues.  Funny thing is the part that said “Pregnancy – Positive” was way into all these papers. So my mother stood there and read through all this nonsense and then got to the pregnancy part and stopped. She was so excited. We did the same with my Grandmother and got her on camera.  She was all excited as well.

I was so glad I finally had some proof I was pregnant and not just feeling off all the time.

How did you find out you were pregnant?


Thank you,

The Momnipresent Mother

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