Types of Cloth Diapers: Pocket Diapers

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Have you been considering cloth diapers for your new bundle of joy? I am sure you have started doing some research before getting here and it may seem overwhelming. I am sure you have more questions that need answers and I hope this post, the first of multiple posts about the different types of cloth diapers will answer some of your questions.

Pocket Diapers are what we are discussing today. Some people prefer these to other types due to them being slightly similar to disposables.

The anatomy of pocket diapers:

Pocket diapers consist of two layers of cloth sewn together almost completely except for a portion at the back of the diaper which is open creating a pocket you can stuff with absorbent material.  The outer material is the water resistant material, and the inner material is the soft material that goes against your child’s bum. This also is normally material that lets moisture through one way but not the other keeping that baby bum dry even when the insert is wet.

Pocket diapers have either snaps or hook and loop (Velcro) fasteners. This helps you adjust the diaper to fit your child as he or she grows.

You can stuff the pocket of the pocket diaper with many absorbent materials. You can find many types of inserts, or use flour sack towels, old t-shirts, prefolds, or other absorbent cloth.


You can stuff them with all sorts of material to get the right absorbency for your child and once they are stuffed you just have to grab one and put it on, which is great for a squirmy baby.

The inner material keep your baby dry even when they are wet.


You do have to stuff and un-stuff the diapers to be able to use them or wash them. So they take more than one step to get them bum ready.

Brands we like:

Bumgenius –

Pros: They have adorable patterns, and great customer service, and you can get them on sale often. They also have great relsale value.

Cons: The biggest issue I had was my skinny legged boy took awhile to fit into them but that isn’t the diapers fault.

Alva –

Pros: They also have some adorable prints. They are cheaper than the more brand name diapers. They still have decent resale value.

Cons: The biggest con I can see is they don’t have as much of a resale value as the bigger brand name diapers.


Pros: They are a great deal and have adorable prints. They hold up really well even compared to the more popular brand name diapers. These were my first diapers for our son and they still work great.

Cons: You have to order multiple at once , which for me wasn’t bad but if you just want to try one it might be an issue.

I prefer using pockets diapers when we are out and about or during naps because they have stay dry fabric inside and are easier in my opinion to get on and off and into the wet bag when changing in the car or other small areas.

Most of the diapers we use during the day are covers. If you want to check out our go to cloth diaper products you can find them here.

Do you have a favorite brand of pocket diapers?

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