Ways to cut Fabric

Hello everyone. I hope you all are well. I haven’t had much time to write recently due to our youngest needing surgery and then also receiving said surgery.  He is healing well now and hopefully the issue is now fixed permanently.

Now that I have more time to work on things I am planning on getting more writing done when I can, and some more sewing projects done as well. I have quite a few. While our son was healing up I had some time to think about things to write about.

I figured I would do a few more posts about sewing related topics. So I would include writing and sewing together. The first post, this post that is, will be about the different ways you can cut your fabric and why you would use those specific ways.

For the longest time I only ever used cheap Walmart scissors.  Nothing against them really. They get the job done, but they were constantly getting dull, and would eventually break near the handles. They were cheap (around 1 dollar) so it wasn’t a huge loss, but at some point I realized that my Grandmother has had the same pair of fabric shears for quite some time and they work wonderfully. Plus she doesn’t have to constantly replace hers either.

That is when I decided to invest a little extra money up front for a good pair of fabric shears. I have gone through a few different brands. This is mostly because my family seems to think that because they  look like scissors you can use them to cut everything around the house and it won’t hurt them at all. WRONG. They would chip or dull them and I would need to buy a new pair. I now have a great hiding place so I don’t have to worry about replacing them.

I have tried these and these fabric shears, and ended up using this pair of fabric shears. They are my go to when cutting larger items with not a lot of curves, or for very shear fabrics. They cut through fabric easily and do not give me the scissor callus on my hand I always seem to get with regular scissors and many brands of shears.

Another great way to manage to cut large items especially if they are  lot of straight lines is to use bent blade fabric shears.  I love how easy it is to use this pair to cut my large amounts of fabric into smaller more manageable sections.

If you have a type of fabric that seems to fray easily, like come woven fabrics, pinking shears come in really handy. They cut the fabric in a zig-zag patterns leaving small little triangular notches along the cut edge of the fabric you are working with.  I love these when working on clothes for my sons. I have also heard many people say they make their cloth wipes for cloth diapers by cutting squares of fabric out with pinking shears to cut down on fraying.  I have not tried this myself so I am not sure how well that works. I make my cloth wipes like this.

I recently found out how wonderfully useful rotary fabric cutters could be. I did try them out until I was gifted a set and oh my goodness. I did not know what I was missing until then. They are a huge asset when cutting either small items, or items with many curves or details. I use these more with smaller clothing and cloth diapers I make. I have two different sizes and they both work wonderfully still. What is also nice about rotary cutters is all you have to replace is the blades.

I love that there are so many options when it comes to cutting fabric, and all of them have their uses.

What styles of fabric cutting do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.


Thank you,

The Momnipresent Mother

Top Sewing Supplies

My top sewing supplies

  1. self healing cutting boards-

These are a great item to have in your box… closet…room…house full of sewing supplies. I have two of them, and would like a third eventually. I have a small one that can fit onto a small folding TV table. The second is a little bigger for slightly bigger projects. The really large self healing cutting mat I want is more for larger patterns and projects like adult clothing. I haven’t really dabbled in adult clothing sewing yet, but I am beginning to and the big one will be so much easier and more convenient.

2. fabric measuring tape

This is an absolute must have when it comes to the best sewing supplies. How can you make anything without being able to measure what you are making or who you are making it for. Whether you are sewing a pillowcase for your child, or a pair of pants for your husband you need to be able to measure whatever it is your doing.

3.rotary cutter

A Rotary cutter is a great thing to have in your Sewing supplies. Scissors or shears will get the job done but there is nothing else like cutting through a layer or more of fabric like butter with a rotary cutter. I absolutely love it for larger projects as well, and projects with a lot of straight or semi straight lines. If you haven’t tried one out yet I definitely suggest you do. I would also suggest some extra blades too.

4. pinking shears

Pinking shears are a great item to have in your sewing supplies. This is especially true if you plan on working with fabric that unravels easily. Pinking shears are fabric shears that cut in a zig-zag patter creating small triangles along the cut side of the fabric. This helps the fabric fray or unravel a little less. Also I have not yet tried them but I really want to try this type of pinking shears soon.

5.fabric clips

I wasn’t even aware these existed a few years ago but more and more often I see people raving about them. I found a great deal online so I decided it couldn’t hurt to try them out so I went ahead and purchased them. I just have to say. I love using these for top stitching and seams. They are a great alternative to sewing pins especially if you have a little one who loves to crawl around on the floor and find things you didn’t even know where there, like stray sewing pins. Yikes. I would highly recommend these to anyone who has not yet tried them. They are inexpensive and highly useful.

6. safety pins

This may seem like a strange thing to add to your sewing kit but I absolutely love having a safety pin or to ready. I used them mostly to thread elastic through waistbands on diapers. You just pin the safety pin to one end of the elastic and push it through the elastic casing you just sewed and out the other side. It makes life so much easier in my opinion. So if you haven’t yet. Go grab yourself a pack of safety pins they work great for temporary fixes as well.

7. regular shears

This is also a must have in any sewing kit. I mostly use my regular sewing shears for cutting small pieces of fabric that pinking shears wont work for, or trimming off the loose pieces of threads on my stitching.

8. quilting measuring square

These are great to have if you are making blankets or un-paper towels or washcloths, or almost anything really. The great thing is they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

9. Metal ruler

A metal ruler is a great thing to have to help you cut straight lines with your rotary blade, or you can just use it to measure things too. Heheh.

10. sewing machine

This is kind of an obvious must if you are planning on sewing a lot of items or bigger items in general. I do hand sew some of my projects but so many of them I use my sewing machines for it. I have three all together but two were old hand me down machines that work great but they just don’t sell anymore. The third is my Brother sewing machine. It is simple but it gets the job done and it would be great for beginners as well as others.

These are my must have sewing supplies. What are yours?

Thank you for reading,

The Momnipresent Mother


Homeschooling To Do List for Students

Hello everyone I hope you are well.  We are still preparing for this coming school year (5th grade for our oldest, Little A, and sort of preschool for out youngest, M). One of the big things we take into consideration while preparing our homeschooling year is our oldest, Little A’s ADHD, and possible Disgraphia.

This means a decent amount of structure to keep our oldest, Little A, on track during the day. The best and most simple way I have found to do this is to give him a visual of what is expected of him each day. The way we do this is by giving him a basic list so he knows what the day holds and relieves any anxiety about the day.

Now this last year has been our first homeschooling, but we have learned so much in this year it seems like much longer. I have tried a few different styles of “To Do Lists” for our homeschooling schedule, until we found the best style of To Do List that fit our son, Little A’s, styles as well as our homeschooling style so far.

I have always wanted to do more of a free style homeschooling, so having to use these lists and schedules is a little disappointing for me but whatever my son needs to reach his full potential I will make sure I do regardless of what I want for him.

The way we came up with our final homeschooling To Do List was through an awful lot of trial and error. This being our first year homeschooling any of our children we were not sure what exactly to expect when it came to the day to day.  After awhile of switching up , and tweaking our homeschooling To Do List we finally came up with one that seem to work perfectly for us and our boys.

At the top of the Homeschooling To Do List list we list what day of homeschooling into the year we are (from day 1-180). I also list the date , and the day of the week. After that we have the list split into two categories. Those two categories are things our oldest, Little A, can do on his own, and then the items that we would prefer he wait to do along with us. Our oldest, Little A, gets his Homeschooling To Do List every morning with the main items he needs to work on his own. He normally gets up extremely early so this gives him some time to work on his alone homeschooling work on his own before the day really begins for everyone.

The type of things he does alone are worksheets on things we have already covered. He can also do writing, like journals or story writing, or copy work writing.

He uses this list to help him understand what all he has to finish in a days time. This helps him be able to manage his time a little better than if he just waited for me to tell him what to do as he finished his work. This works best for us, but as all children and families are different this may not be what is best for you.

Hopefully you found this helpful, and if you would like a printable version of our Homeschooling To Do Check list I will soon be adding it here.

Thank you for reading,

The Momnipresent Mother

My June 2017 Goals

Hello everyone I hope you all are well.

I decided I am going to start posting my goals here monthly to attempt to keep myself on track.  I really started this blog because I love writing and sharing information. I also started this blog to attempt to be able to help bring in a little more money as we run on one, my awesome husband’s , income right now and I really would love to contribute some money in some way but I also still really would like to be able to stay home with our two wonderful son, Little A, and M. We homeschool them and I love that they get to see each other throughout the day. If Little A was still in public school he would still be having the same issues he had before and he would only see his brother as well as us a very small amount after school and homework. I really don’t want to lose this. So, I am buckling down and doubling my effort into this blog.  I am hoping to see a difference.

See right there I was planning on finishing this post and publishing it yesterday, the first of the month, and I already am behind. 


  1. Sign up for a Twitter via my blog – DONE
  2. Add social media share buttons to all my posts to make it easier for my readers to share things they enjoyed. – DONE
  3. Gain at least two more email subscribers.
  4. Gain 20 more likes on the Facebook page.
  5. Gain 20 more followers on Pinterest.
  6. Post at least 8 more posts on both twitter, and Instagram.
  7. Gain 20 more followers on Instagram.
  8. Gain 20 more followers on Twitter.
  9. Try and get a steady number of views on the blog. Right now it is all over the place. Some days only in the single digits others not.
  10. Publish a new post on Fridays and Wednesdays at least. – I got one out from Friday late. I ended up publishing it on Monday instead.

I may add to this as the month goes on but this is what I have so far. I may also add my personal goals either to this blog or a separate post. I am nit sure yet.


Thank you for reading,

The Momnipresent Mother