My June 2017 Goals

Hello everyone I hope you all are well.

I decided I am going to start posting my goals here monthly to attempt to keep myself on track.  I really started this blog because I love writing and sharing information. I also started this blog to attempt to be able to help bring in a little more money as we run on one, my awesome husband’s , income right now and I really would love to contribute some money in some way but I also still really would like to be able to stay home with our two wonderful son, Little A, and M. We homeschool them and I love that they get to see each other throughout the day. If Little A was still in public school he would still be having the same issues he had before and he would only see his brother as well as us a very small amount after school and homework. I really don’t want to lose this. So, I am buckling down and doubling my effort into this blog.  I am hoping to see a difference.

See right there I was planning on finishing this post and publishing it yesterday, the first of the month, and I already am behind. 


  1. Sign up for a Twitter via my blog – DONE
  2. Add social media share buttons to all my posts to make it easier for my readers to share things they enjoyed. – DONE
  3. Gain at least two more email subscribers.
  4. Gain 20 more likes on the Facebook page.
  5. Gain 20 more followers on Pinterest.
  6. Post at least 8 more posts on both twitter, and Instagram.
  7. Gain 20 more followers on Instagram.
  8. Gain 20 more followers on Twitter.
  9. Try and get a steady number of views on the blog. Right now it is all over the place. Some days only in the single digits others not.
  10. Publish a new post on Fridays and Wednesdays at least. – I got one out from Friday late. I ended up publishing it on Monday instead.

I may add to this as the month goes on but this is what I have so far. I may also add my personal goals either to this blog or a separate post. I am nit sure yet.


Thank you for reading,

The Momnipresent Mother

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  1. I love that you post your goals to be made accounted for them. I do the same, but in a fb group with a couple of crafty blogger friends. I tend to set my goals too high and the tricky thing is not to punish yourself if you didn’t make them!

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