Homeschooling To Do List for Students

Hello everyone I hope you are well.  We are still preparing for this coming school year (5th grade for our oldest, Little A, and sort of preschool for out youngest, M). One of the big things we take into consideration while preparing our homeschooling year is our oldest, Little A’s ADHD, and possible Disgraphia.

This means a decent amount of structure to keep our oldest, Little A, on track during the day. The best and most simple way I have found to do this is to give him a visual of what is expected of him each day. The way we do this is by giving him a basic list so he knows what the day holds and relieves any anxiety about the day.

Now this last year has been our first homeschooling, but we have learned so much in this year it seems like much longer. I have tried a few different styles of “To Do Lists” for our homeschooling schedule, until we found the best style of To Do List that fit our son, Little A’s, styles as well as our homeschooling style so far.

I have always wanted to do more of a free style homeschooling, so having to use these lists and schedules is a little disappointing for me but whatever my son needs to reach his full potential I will make sure I do regardless of what I want for him.

The way we came up with our final homeschooling To Do List was through an awful lot of trial and error. This being our first year homeschooling any of our children we were not sure what exactly to expect when it came to the day to day.  After awhile of switching up , and tweaking our homeschooling To Do List we finally came up with one that seem to work perfectly for us and our boys.

At the top of the Homeschooling To Do List list we list what day of homeschooling into the year we are (from day 1-180). I also list the date , and the day of the week. After that we have the list split into two categories. Those two categories are things our oldest, Little A, can do on his own, and then the items that we would prefer he wait to do along with us. Our oldest, Little A, gets his Homeschooling To Do List every morning with the main items he needs to work on his own. He normally gets up extremely early so this gives him some time to work on his alone homeschooling work on his own before the day really begins for everyone.

The type of things he does alone are worksheets on things we have already covered. He can also do writing, like journals or story writing, or copy work writing.

He uses this list to help him understand what all he has to finish in a days time. This helps him be able to manage his time a little better than if he just waited for me to tell him what to do as he finished his work. This works best for us, but as all children and families are different this may not be what is best for you.

Hopefully you found this helpful, and if you would like a printable version of our Homeschooling To Do Check list I will soon be adding it here.

Thank you for reading,

The Momnipresent Mother

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