Interesting Baby Products

I have been going through some of our youngest’s things so that we can have a yard sale recently and I had to decide what I would like to hold onto just in case we do end up having another baby in the future and what I would rather sell. This got me to thinking about the items that we used that weren’t exactly necessities but were great to have.

My favorite interesting baby products

  1.  Baby Sleep Sack

At first I didn’t think I would want one of these, but they were great for my son on cold nights when he was still pretty young. He loved and still loves to kick any blanket off of him while he sleeps which ends up in a cold child. I was gifted one after M was born and it worked great because it kept him warm, but left his arms free (which he likes) and he could kick those little legs all he wanted and still be covered. Now these aren’t always recommended once your child is a bit older though so this is a great thing to buy for your newborn.

2. Big Kids Sleep Sack

Leading off of the first item on the list. If you have an older baby/toddler that still likes to be warm but wont keep their blankets on them at night this version of the sleep sack works great as it keeps those little feet free.


3. Infant to Toddler rocker chair

I absolutely loved this chair. My mother bought it for us when my son M wore out (he likes to kick his feet at night and it wore through the fabric of this bouncer seat) his old seat. It rocks which he loves, and has the ability to play music and vibrate, which he doesn’t care for. M has bad reflux so he has to sleep sitting up. This made life so much easier for naps, and night times when a wedge just wasn’t enough.

4. Crib wedge

As I said above, my son M has reflux and cannot sleep while lying flat. So keeping him inclined while sleeping is key. The bouncer or rocker seats worked great but as we do eventually want him to be somewhat used to sleeping in his crib or pack and play(in our bedroom) the baby wedge was ideal. I just put it down under the baby sheet to hold it in place and he has an incline to lie on.

5. Nasal Bulb

I love these things and love that I found this reusable one instead of the cheaper one use and pitch it type.  It is easy to clean and is a great asset to have during cold season, and allergy season if your child/children has allergies.  It is easy to just stick it up their nose really quick and suck all that congestion out.

The Nosefrida is something I have heard great reviews for but I have not yet tried it myself. I thought I would drop the link in here in case anyone hadn’t heard of it or wanted to try it but didn’t know where to get one.  If I do I will let you know how it works.

These are just a handful of items I found useful to have around the house when it comes to caring for our youngest, M.  What are your favorite extra baby items you have used? Are there any items you want to try but haven’t yet? Let us know in the comment section below.


Thank you,

The Momnipresent Mother