Our Approach to Minimalist Homeschooling

Our approach to minimalist homeschooling / Charlotte Mason
Our approach to minimalist homeschooling / Charlotte Mason

Over the past year we have been homeschooling Little A I have been reading more and more about The Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling. I originally wanted to do a more minimalist approach to homeschooling but as we trying to ease our son into homeschooling because he had attended public school for the first 5 years (including Head Start) we started out a little more in between and a bit more structured.

This year we are starting the school year a bit more slowly, and are hoping to do more of a Charlotte Mason approach. This I hope will go smoothly as we are also starting to part time home school (preschool) M, who recently turned two. With him we are more focused on self care and starting letter recognition. So nothing major as far as schooling.

This year our biggest goal is to get outside more often throughout the week and experience more things in nature. This often is something that doesn’t happen especially now that we moved into an apartment from a house with a big private yard. We do live close to a few playgrounds and parks so there is no reason not to go out.  I just have to put more of an effort to get everyone out of the house every day.

I have heard some great things about reading some of these Charlotte Mason books, and while I haven’t yet read them myself I do plan to if I can find them at the libraries or can borrow copies from local homeschooling mothers. I just have to be able to find some in this area.

A Charlotte Mason Companion

A Charlotte Mason Education : A Home Schooling How-To Manual

When Children Love to Learn

Charlotte Mason’s Original Homeschooling Series

One of the great ideas I love about homeschooling in a more minimalist homeschooling way or Charlotte Mason way are all the living books you can use. We are a very book loving family. The only one out of all of us who doesn’t read all that often is my husband but that is mostly due to lack of time.  My oldest has a room that could be a library he has so many books and read constantly. Our youngest loves to “read” and loves anyone reading to him.

I am trying to make a nice list of different living books we could read this year. I am especially looking for some that both our boys enjoy despite being 8 years apart in age.  So far we have read, are reading, or are going to read these books.

Ask Mr. Bear

Blueberries For Sal

The First Dog

Lewis and Clark and Me

Goodnight Moon

The Complete Tales of Winnie The Pooh

Where the Wild Things Are

The Velveteen Rabbit

The Last Brother

Over in the Meadow (this is my youngest’s favorite)



The Borrowers Collection

Buttons for General Washington

Star of Fear, Star of Hope

The Butterfly

I apologize for these not being in any particular order.  Once we get going this year I will try and post more lists in a bit more coherent manner.

What books do your children love or you think are great teaching tools. We would love to hear from you.

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