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favorite homechool supplies you should check out
favorite homechool supplies you should check out

Our Favorite Home Schooling Supplies

Hello everyone. I hope you all are well. I apologize for the delay in the addition of new posts. I recently had a glitch with my site and finally got that resolved. That added to starting a new part time job this past week I fell behind.  I have been trying to get caught up with that as well as organize our home school supplies so that while I am at work if I need my husband to instruct the children he can actually find what is needed. I am sure I am not the only one that while things do not look that organized I can still find what I am looking for.

I figured today I would talk a little about our homeschooling supplies, and organization techniques. Even though during our recent move we had to downsize what we had we still have our go to home school supplies.



I am sure you have heard this before but we absolutely love our bound notebooks.  We use them for pretty much everything. I tend to use them the most for math and grammar/writing/copy work the most, but they are so useful for many other subjects or projects. I prefer the spiral ones because my oldest has trouble writing if it doesn’t lie flat and will hurt the binding on the normal bound notebooks. We even have a few graph paper notebooks for graphing and other math related things. This by far is one of our most used Home School supply.



You can also grab up a few packs of holed lined paper or holed graph paper and use our second most used home school supply, a binder.  These are great for keeping daily papers together in one area for your children to be able to keep them organized. It is also great to keep some holed folders inside the binders to keep important papers without holes, or papers you would like to keep for your home school evaluator at the end of the year.

And, if you aren’t the type of person who likes to save papers all over the place like we do (we have so many papers even after going through them and only keeping a few here and there) you could also invest in a good quality flash drive. This is also useful to store your affidavit and objectives on, and maybe your child’s book-list too. It is also nice to have in case you have a printer malfunction, or like us at the moment no printer at all. That way if you have something like a worksheet or article you wanted your child to read you can run to the local library, friend’s house, or family member’s house and print said paper off. It is also great because it is easily carried with you for ease of access.

Another great thing to have with you is a camera of some sort, be it a cellphone, a disposable camera, a small digital camera, or a nice DSLR camera. I try and have some sort of camera with me most times because you never know when something school or education related will happen. It is also great to have on those big planned trips you can use as a home school education trip. We love photo documenting these trips because it is nice to look back on what we saw and what we learned about to job the little one’s minds if their memory of said trip begins to fade.  Plus if you also have a flash drive on hand you can put those photographs on the flash drives to print later or just to look back upon.


Speaking of printing a great thing to have lying around your home, all plugged in and ready to go, is a printer. It may seem like a no brainer but it is a great thing to have to print worksheets, coloring pages, book lists, your affidavit, and objectives. It also as stated above is great for printing out pictures of your homeschooling adventures.

The Library is a wonderful resource filled with so many possibilities for both you and your children.

Now, if you do not have a printer and do not want one or can not afford one, another place you can print things out is your local library.  And speaking of visiting your local library a wonderful thing to have is a library card. There are so many thing you can do and discover just using that small piece of paper or plastic. You can even get these cute card holders for your children to keep their cards in a safe place while looking at books in your local library.

Another great addition to your homeschooling supplies is also a great addition to your library card. When you use your library card you will likely at some point come home with some books. While most public libraries have plastic bags you can use to bring home your books they can tear and rip and all your books will soon be on the floor, or dirty ground. Cloth bags are much more durable than the plastic kind and if they do get dirty you can just toss them in the washer and dryer, and tah-dah, a nice clean cloth bag for your next trip to the library. Plus you can get bags that match your child’s personality. That along with their special library card holder will start getting them excited to head to the library and pick out some new books for you to read to them or them to read to themselves.

One great way to bring some geography into your homeschooling home is to grab your globe and find different places that come up in your books or lessons as you go. We do this with our independent reading books, our studying books, and our educational shows, or when we are going on a trip or know someone who is going on a trip we find the places we or they are going on the globe. You can find interactive globes for younger children or you can go with the classical style non talking globe like we have. Not only is a globe a great learning tool to have in your homeschooling supplies but it also is a great decoration to your homeschooling room or area.

Now obviously you will need writing utensils, and art supplies. Pencils serve dual purpose. You can use them for everyday use on your child’s schoolwork like worksheets, workbooks, journals, and copy work. You can also use them for art projects if you do not want to pay for the nicer but slightly more expensive art pencil sets. You can use pens in the same ways. You can use them for checking your child’s work, and also for them to use in their art projects as well. My oldest, A, loves to draw out his art work in pen first them use more colorful writing utensils to color it in. You can almost always use washable markers in your child’s artwork. My youngest, M, is obsessed lately with drawing with these cute little washable markers Crayons are something most kids love.  Sometimes it is just nice to see a nice new box of unbroken crayons on your home school table. Another great thing to have especially for art work is paint, whether it be watercolors, acrylic, or oil paints. Paints are always a fun way to make art, although it can be messy, so it is great to have these mats for under your child’s artwork, and this smock to protect their clothes.

These are just a few of our favorite homeschooling supplies. Stay tuned and I will try and add some more of our favorites .


Thank you,

The Momnipresent Mother

The Momnipresent Mother
The Momnipresent Mother

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  1. Do you have a laminator yet? Usually amazon has one as a Lightening Deal around Black Friday. It’s been a great tool for our family!

  2. There was a time when I was considering homeschooling for my oldest and was soaking up as much info as I could on helpful tips. This is a great foundation. Love that you included memory stick, library and camera.

    1. I think homeschooling was the best choice we have made for our oldest thus far. He seems so much happier and the ease of his learning compared to before is so evident. It is amazing. Plus it is wonderful that our boys get so much more time to be together and see each other grow and build such a wonderful relationship.

      Thank you for reading.

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