November Goals

My November Goals are once again a bit late but I guess better late then never. I worked more on my goals this past month than in months before that. So hopefully this goal setting is really working and it will help me keep on track. Hopefully I can meet even more goals this month than I did last month.

November Goals
My Goals for November 2017



  • I would like to try and keep working at getting my page views back up to where they used to be (I would love to consistently meet my highest page view day last month I had a handful of days where my page views were really close to my highest yet).
  • I would love to be more consistent in my articles I post.  Right now I am trying to at least write one a month until this get organized here at our new place. By one a month I mean other than these goal articles of course.
  • I want to tweak the style (colours, layout, ect) to make it a bit easier to view. I am still not sure how I am going to do this.


  • I want to find at least 20 group boards in my field of interest to request to join. I am keeping this the same as last month. I didn’t do well with this one. I did get one response for a group board so that is better than nothing. – So far I have found and requested to be added to 5 group boards. I have been added to two so far.
  • I know this one is out of my control but I hope to have at least 15 actually approve me to join and pin to their group boards. As I said above I did get one response in my favor and was added to the group board.
  • I want to get more consistent with pinning to the group boards I have and hopefully will join soon. Right now I pin at least 4 of my pins to all the group boards I can 2 days a week. I really fell behind with this this past month and I could tell because my page views definitely dropped a bit.
  • I would also like to get my pins repinned more often then they are now. I am hoping a combination of adding more group boards and pinning more regularly will help with this.
  • I would like to gain more followers on Pinterest as well. I am trying to find more promotion groups on Facebook to get my social media sites spread farther out and hopefully get more follows.


  • I want to be more consistent with posting on my Facebook page for my blog.  I was a bit more consistent last month, but I could still do better this month.
  • I would like to gain more likes/followers to my Facebook page. Right now I have 100 likes and 99 followers. I would love to make it to 125 this month if at all possible. So that would be gaining 25 more people. My goal last month was to make it to 100 which I did but not by the end of the month. So I gained about 18 likes by almost the end of the month so hopefully 25 is doable as well for the month of November.
  • I am going to work towards also checking my Facebook page a little more often. I did a bit better at this last month and hopefully the month of November will be better than last.


  • I would love to remember to post more on the blog’s Instagram. I have posted the past two days so hopefully I can start posting more often and hopefully that will help people see my post more often.
  • Along with that I would like to figure out how to best utilize Instagram with my blog.  I need to read up more on this still.  IF you have any tips please let me know.

These are my goals for the month of November so hopefully I will stick to them. I did decently last month so here is to this month being even better.  If any of you with experience have any tips feel free to let me know. I can use any help I can get.

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Thank you for reading,

The Momnipresent Mother

The Momnipresent Mother
The Momnipresent Mother

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