December Goals


December Goals
December Goals


  • I need to find a way to keep my page-views more consistent. My laptop was dropped and I couldn’t share my website as often and my page-views lowered a bit.
  • Consistency is key and I really need to work on this. My goal is to post at least once a month but ideally once a week.
  • My websites colour scheme still needs tweaking. I like it but I think I need to make it a bit lighter and brighter.
  • SEO seems intimidating at first but I think I am getting the hang of it. I need to continue to look into how to optimize my SEO.
  • I would like to make a better landing page.


  • Last month I wanted to find at least 20 boards to request to join but I fell short of that by about half. So I think this month I will shoot for at least doing the same, 10 new group boards. I found many a group board but so many had no specific way to contact them or they were no longer accepting contributors.
  • Seeing as I lowered my goal from last month’s goal I should lower this as well.  Since I will be trying to join 10 group boards I would like to at least get 5 to actually add me to their board.
  • Last month I did do much better at actually pinning more regularly to all my boards including the group boards so I would like to continue this trend.
  • I would still also like to get my pins re-pinned more often then they are now. I am hoping a combination of adding more group boards and pinning more regularly will help with this.
  • More followers would be a wonderful thing to accomplish for this month as well. I am hoping with posting on sharing groups on Facebook I can find some more people who would genuinely enjoy my content.  Currently I have 121 followers.
  • Also I would like to make sure in my main board that I have at least one pin for each of my articles.
  • Pinterest has added back the #hashtags so I am attempting to use them to the best of my ability. I have added them to all my previous pins and am trying to remember to add them to my new ones.
  • Recently I read somewhere, I don’t remember where, about something called rich pins. I would like to learn more about how to create rich pins with my content.


  • Consistently posting something on my Facebook page is something I really need to work on. I did start out well last month but I fell behind drastically.
  • My number of followers for my Facebook page seems pretty stagnant. I would like to attempt to bring that number up a bit. I currently have 108 likes and 107 followers.
  • Checking my Facebook page more often is key to being able to post more consistently and for being able to respond to anyone who happens to interact on my page. I did a bit better with this last month but would still like to improve.


  • This past month Instagram really fell to the back burner. I really need to keep up with posting more regularly.

    December Goals
    December Goals

These are my goals for the month of December so hopefully I will stick to them. I did okay last month so hopefully this month I can improve even more.  If any of you with experience have any tips feel free to let me know. I can use any help I can get.

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The Momnipresent Mother

The Momnipresent Mother
The Momnipresent Mother

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