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Grow a Tree for Earth Day

Hello all. I hope you and your families are doing well.

I know I am a little late on posting this as Earth day has come and gone, but we all love this planet we live on, right? Why not extend this project for any day and make everyday Earth Day?

Well, anyway, this is the project my sons and I did for Earth Day. It is not a one day project however so this was started months ago.

What better way to help the Earth than to plant trees?

Grow a Tree For Earth Day

Step one: Find the type of tree you would like to grow.

We found some trees near a park that Little A liked. We think it is a Tanoak.

Step two: Go to the tree once the matured seeds/acorns/fruit are ready to be collected.

We kept an eye for when the trees started dropping acorns.

Step three: Collect as many of the seeds/acorns/fruit as you would like.

There were quite a lot of trees there so we only took 100 some all together. We wanted to leave some for the animals to eat. You want a decent amount though as not all of them will grow. You also want to make sure the seeds aren’t being eaten or are cracked or rotten. We checked for mold, cracks, and holes in our acorns.

Step four:  If you have acorns, fill a container with water and dump in acorns. If they float they are not fertile. If they sink they more than likely are. Discard the infertile ones.

We only had 1 acorn float and all the others sunk. We have hermit crabs so we gave that one to them to chow down on. 

Step five:  Then place the seeds/acorns in a large bag filled with slightly moist soil.

Step six:  Put the bag in the refrigerator until some start to sprout.

We had ours away from other things so they didn’t get bumped much.

Step seven:  Once they have sprouted plant them each in a small container with the sprout to the side.

We put our acorns in used, but clean, plastic cups.

Step eight: Water them lightly.

Step nine: Place them in the sun.

We placed them on the window sill.

Step ten:  Wait and water and watch them grow.

Step eleven: As they grow transfer them carefully into larger containers until you can safely plant them where you want them.

Step twelve: Enjoy your trees for years to come.

You can use this project as an opportunity to discuss how plants grow, and why plants/trees are so important to the Earth and the life on it. Youtube,, and Pinterest are great resources for more information.

If you have anymore questions about this project feel free to contact us in the comments section below.

Thank you,

The Momnipresent Mother